Cursed Loot (Formerly known as Epic Dungeon)

Cursed Loot
Eyehook Games — Link to Eyehook games
$1 (80 msp)
Rating: 10/10
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This game has had me hooked for weeks now, ever since it was Epic Dungeon. Is it worth the repurchase if you already have Epic Dungeon? If you already played Epic Dungeon THIS article is for you.

Damage: Attack power per hit
Defense: Defense from enemy attacks
Dexterity: Affects whether you land your attacks and dodge enemy attacks
Luck: Affects your random event outcomes

Skills: (Bold Skills are passive)
Health Regeneration: how fast your health regenerates when below 100%
Frenzy: Spin around and hit everything around you
Freeze: Freeze enemies in place
Orb: Summon an orb that fights with you
Poison: Poison enemies around you (they take damage over time)
Stat Boost: adds the number or points in stat boost to your total skills
Perception: makes secret doors visible & increases critical hit chance
Stealth:  reduces the radius that monsters can detect you (at level 10 they have to be right next to you)
Thorns: deals increasing damage to enemies that hit you based upon its level

Simple and Awesome

This combined with the easy to use control scheme makes this game easy to pick up for 10 minutes or 3 hours. You also have a lantern that will run out of oil, which affects how far you can see. This will change your battle plan because with low oil you have to react faster and cannot plan as much. It is very important to have a few spare oils, or you can use Stealth to balance out your lack of oil use. If you run near walls you will sometimes see a shiny wall. These are secret doors with bonus loot in them. Perception adds to your ability to find said doors as well. There is a shop every few floors, always placed on floors that I felt comfortable with. Not to close to the previous shop to make me want to skip it, and not to far away that I ran out of health potions naturally. The inventory system is very awesome and hassle free, something odd in an RPG.

new skills? munchmunchmunch.... yum!

The game also has the standard risk-reward system of identifying items, random events, and loot drops. I always loved finding an epic armor piece or a powerful weapon. The balance of the skills is fine tuned to perfection. You always have tough choices to make that have an immediate effect on gameplay. Same thing with picking your skills to level up. Each class has a special skill that will level up twice with each point you put in as opposed to once. For gameplay purposes I would suggest playing through evenly distributing your points between health regeneration and your main skill to be as powerful as possible. None of the classes seemed weak to me, and none of them have any boosts besides their skill bonus.

Random events are always good for a laugh.

If you happen to die, you are dead. This is where the game’s short length comes in handy. If you die after an hour, yeah it sucks, but if you make it to that floor again on another character you get an item that your character had. There are also fun little platforming mini-games that will get you a lot of gold if you can get to the end. The idea of the game is to get to floor 50, but you can go up to floor 1 once you hit floor 40 if you would like to. It is the complete freedom of the game that makes it awesome. This is very cool because the amount of gold you get is scaled to your level. So I never felt over or under payed. Combine this with awardables (achievements just for this game) and you have great replay value.

The graphics are perfect for the type of game that it is. It is a cry back to the old style of rpgs, and it hits home beautifully. The music suits the game very well.

The graphics are a thing of beauty

It is rare to find such a balanced, addicting, and fun game on the indie game marketplace, I highly suggest it to anyone.

Additions to Epic Dungeon that you need to know about. Straight from the source (thanks Mike!)

– Renamed the ultimate dungeon crawling experience to Cursed Loot.
– Added 1 new playable class (Goblin)
– Primary skill is regen
– Added 4 new passive skills (Perception, Stat Boost, Stealth, & Thorns)
– Perception makes secret doors visible & increases critical hit chance
– Stat Boost increases your stats by increasing amounts based upon its level
– Stealth reduces the radius that monsters can detect you (at level 10 they have to be right next to you)
– Thorns deals increasing damage to enemies that hit you based upon its level
– Updated help pages for skills
– Improved platformer level graphics (more layers, more detail)
– Added treasure chests – they will either drop loot or spawn a fire trap… ouch it burrrrrns. 🙂
– Added tombstone traps – they look like the old tombstone but can spawn bats, zombies, skeletons, & vampires!
– Added a new monster (you’ll find it deep in the dungeon)
– Other misc. UI tweaks.
– e.g., the new game screen has added help text, etc.

Complete list of changes since the original release:

Added 1 new playable class (Goblin)
Added new difficulty levels (easy, normal, hard)
Added 4 new passive skills (Perception, Stat Boost, Stealth, & Thorns)
Added awardments (and an awardment chest that contains rewards, depending upon the number of awardment points you have earned)
Added a new platforming event
Added 4 new encounters
Added treasure chests (drop loot or fire trap)
Added tombstone traps
Added new items
Added new enemies (probably ones who want to kill you)
Added the “Reaper” (hard difficulty only)
Graphical enhancements (e.g., sparkle effect on depth 25+)
Various bug fixes, save system improvements, balance tweaks, and documentation improvements.


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  7. nice review,after reading your review online i downloaded the trial version of the game,i was instantly hooked,thanks for the positive review.

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