Avatar Golf

Avatar Golf
Golf/Course Editing
Barkers Crest Studio — Link to Barkers Crest Studio’s website
$5 (400 msp)
Rating: 9.5/10
Similar Games: An original with nothing like it (except Easy Golf, but Avatar Golf is the same game with more features). If you like the creation concept Barkers Crest has, you should check out there indie RPG Avatar Legends. It is an RPG with a game editor.

Avatar Golf is one of the best indie games out there in my opinion. It is a blast to play, create, and share your own courses. The online community is very active and I have never had trouble finding a match to play in. The course editor is pure brilliance and people have created art with it. My favorite golf game of all time before playing this was Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour for the Gamecube. That game had tons of fun things to do, but it always felt repetitive after awhile. This game never does. I have played custom courses of all types. Mini-golf, par 3, challenging, awesome looking, etc. People have literally created art in the golf editor, which just shows the dedication of the fans. Once you play an 8 person crazy course game you will understand the true joy that Avatar Golf can bring.

Seems simple right?

The 3-click method works like a charm in this game. It takes true skill in order to hit every shot to the exact place you want it. You have to be willing to gamble that your drive will make it over the river if you don’t hit it right. Instead of choosing to hit a ball with left spin or right spin, you alter that with your 3rd click. If you miss the target line to the right, the ball will spin to the right, the same with the left. This adds a bit of skill to putting your ball around that tree. This game will not tell you exactly where the ball will land either. If you are hitting out of a bunker the game will tell you that you are only hitting between 55 and 65% or something along those lines. That adds some deep skill to getting out of hazards that I really like. If you hit Y before you putt you can see the hills of the green. This makes lining up putts a bit easier, but the hills are sometimes hard to see if the whole green turns a shade of light yellow with a bit of white. My only complaint is they should have picked a better color spectrum for the greens. One other great thing about this game is the inclusion of titles. You get titles for things like hitting a boat with a golf ball, or sinking 150 birdies. It can even be as hard as scoring better than -16 on a pre-made course. This adds a lot of replay value and challenge to the game. The developer is just daring you to try to get all the titles in order to unlock the prestigious last one.

The course editor is very detailed and fun to use once mastered.

It is easy enough to create and share your courses with your friends, but I wish there was a file-share type system like in Halo. This would make finding and downloading other courses very easy. But with all the stuff Avatar Golf already offers, it doesn’t bug me too much. I imagine that would be difficult to add into the game.
Avatar Golf comes with 9 pre-made courses and a course editor. The course editor is amazingly detailed and takes a short time to get used to. It is rewarding to get that hole looking just the way you want it to. With tons of scenery to add, the courses look more lively than just a tee, fairway, and green. With the course editor you can also import your favorite hole from another course so you can add your own flavor. This is a very welcome addition for people like me who like to have templates.

Anyone else think this is a bad plan?

The graphics fit the game very well, and the details you can add with the course editor make a difference in visuals. The avatars fit in perfectly with the graphics as well. The music is very well done and fits the game well. You can also choose to go to the next song, or even play your own music. Additions like these are great and definitely make me feel like the developer really tried hard to make this the best game he could.

It is always fun to see avatars in all their glory. I bought a Peggle unicorn outfit for my avatar to freak people out.

A must purchase. It is fun and easy to play, yet you can make it difficult and satisfying to master. It is better than almost every arcade game and some retail games that I have played. Easily worth $5. Get your friends to get it too!!


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4 Responses to Avatar Golf

  1. Wait wait wait… Active online community? ACTIVE?! In an INDIE game?!

    Must buy at once (plus I like a golf game now and then, but not enough to buy a major name one).

    • (I realise it might not be active anymore, but even so…)

      • Dcon6393 says:

        it is actually decently active. It has dropped off top downloads and rated, but there are still a few games going on any given weekend night. Add me on XBL and we can get a game together. Me, my cousin, and one of our friends play that game on occasion.


  2. Olevia Guerino says:

    i really love playing golf because it is really a nice game.-

    My own internet page

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