1-4 Players Local
The Game Creators
$1 (80 msp)
Rating: 7/10
Similar Games: None

Ah Soccer, a national past time of almost every country in the world. I personally love it, but that didn’t have any affect on my enjoyment of Goals. Goals has an easy to learn control scheme with a few twists. The main twist is after you kick the ball you move the control stick to put spin on the ball. So if you are running straight and hit pass the ball will go straight. But if you run straight and hit pass, then angle the control stick to the right fully it will put some spin on the ball and make it go right. This simple addition makes the game so much more fun. You don’t auto pass to people, so it actually takes skill to run down the field and pass at the right time to the right place. You can also back pass, lob, or hit a long pass/shot.

When the ball hits the post you will get more mad then you thought possible at yourself

Now let me explain the uses of all the buttons so no one thinks this is a standard soccer game.


A – Will do a short pass (can also be used to shoot, but not recommended)
B – Long Pass/Shot (since you control it, you can long pass from the other teams goal line backwards if you wanted to)
X – Lob (Useful to pass over defenses, or chip a keeper from the far corner of the box)
Y – Backpass (Pass it directly behind you, useful because turning around is a waste of time sometimes)


A – Slide Tackle
B – Switch Players

Seems simple, but some people seem to think B is for shooting. Technically yes, but it is the long pass button as well.

I suggest rushing like a mad man.

Penalty kicks are handled well for the kicker as well. When you hear the whistle of the ref a ball icon will move across the goal line. You have to hit A when it is in the goal in order to kick it on target. I haven’t had a ball shot on frame miss yet, which seems odd. Apparently the goalie jumps when you hit it almost directly at him. Ok literally right after typing this the CPU blocked 5 straight PKs. Only one was right at his feet. Odd that my xbox reads my reviews and acts accordingly. This leads to one of my minor complaints, lack of goalie control on penalty kicks. Your goalie will just jump any direction he wants, which is very odd to me. This is a minor complaint considering a shouldn’t have slide tackled someone from behind in the first place.

This leads me to my main complaint about this whole game gameplay wise. While on defense the characters you control automatically switched to the closest person on your team to the ball. This seems like a great idea, but it really throws off the gameplay while defending. If you are running behind someone, but then out of no where you are controlling someone in front of the ball you can lose focus for a second and allow a shot or through ball. This also happens when the ball is loose. This really throws the game off and sometimes makes it very frustrating. My other complaint is how once the opponent gets inside your box, they pretty much automatically score. This is annoying because I have tested it on lower difficulties and it remains true. This could really frustrate everyone. Also the AI is very dumb on free balls, but its not that big of a deal. While I am asking for stuff, online multiplayer would be pretty sweet.

Someone is a bit away from the play...

The main idea of this game is to play in a Cup Tournament. You play all the games you want (change the number in settings) in a row, trying to win the whole thing. The difficulty system is also something I admire about this game. There are 5 difficulties for the AI, and 3 speeds. This means there are 15 different settings to play on. Playing the fastest speed is fun, but that is when the problems really shines through. This is a great addition by the developer and made this game a lot more playable by everyone. There is also the cool system by which you edit the teams. There are 16 teams for you to play with, and as far as I can tell, there are no differences between them. The reason there are 16 teams is that you can edit them to a certain extent. You can edit their home and away colors, as well as all of their names. This is a cool addition that not many people will use, but it is nice to have. You can now create you own version of the English Premier league on your xbox! Whoooo! My only problem with this system is that it is kind of hard to tell what colors you are picking for your team, but that is probably just my old tv.

See what happens when you listen to me?

The graphics on this game are simple and the music is kind of cool. There are sound effects when you score that make you feel like a beast.

Multiplayer seems like it would be very fun, too bad it is only local. I can see me and my friends having some heated Goals matches in the future. Overall this game is very well done and addictive to play. There is really no depth besides the different difficulties, but Goals still manages to be a fun pick up and play game. There are some non-ignorable problems that are a huge pain, but once you get used to the game they will become less noticable. I always play a game or 2 every night before bed.


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  1. Previously I didn’t have any interest in this game, but between the presentation (which reminds me of playing World Cup Italia ’90 with my brother back in the day) and the absence of auto-pass, it’s becoming more appealing.

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