Indie Game Summer Uprising notes and comments

Welcome to my newly added section titled “Dcon Speaks”. This will basically be my avenue through which I give my opinions on the indie game scene on the Xbox 360. This will be updated daily most of the time, and is usually done when I have a spare 15 minutes at school. I want to start this topic with the hottest topic in indie game right now, the summer uprising.

Got to say, this logo is amazing. Props to the maker

As of right now, only one of the summer uprising titles has released, Raventhorne. This 240 msp action/adventure/platformer game is the first game in the summer uprising, and in all honestly I feel like this is a poor launch title. This is seriously the one game I was not interested in when they announced the final list. The other games range from trial to must buy for me. Even Battle High: San Bruno interests me a little, and I hate fighting games. If I had to pick a launch title I would have picked Cute Things Dying Violently. This is not to say this is the best game in the Summer Uprising (well we can’t know til the games release anyway), but I feel like this would have been the perfect launch title. Here are my reasons:

1. 80 msp — Everyone knows that 80 msp titles usually sell more than other priced games. What better way to start the Uprising then with an 80 msp title.

2. Concept — The concept of this game appears to be helping cute little things through a maze of deadly traps. Think Super Meat Boy combined with Lemmings. This is a great idea because those 2 games are great, and everyone loves to see a few things get sawed in half.

3. The name — seriously, anyone who sees this titles name will download the trial to see what the game is about. Brilliant on the part of the studio

4. Who can say no to this face?

Now that I have explained why Microsoft messed up the launch order of these games, let me list my list of the Summer Uprising Titles I am most interested in.

1. Cute Things Dying Violently (it looks to be crazy fun)
2. Doom and Destiny (huge fan of JRPGs)
3. Take Arms (cool concept that I want to see fleshed out)
4. SpeedRunner (I love speed run type games)
5. Train Frontier Express (Can this type of game really be pulled off on the indie game channel?)
6. Redd: The Lost Temple (Intriguing design and concept)
7. T.E.C 3001 (Cool concept, a lot of love went into this game)
8.  Chester (I like the level design, just need to try it first)
9.  Battle High: San Bruno (I hate fighting games, or else this would be higher)
10. Raventhorne (been there, done that in a bland way. See this review for an opinion similar to mine)

That is just my list. I will definitly buy the first 4 games, the other ones I will try and see if I like them. Expect reviews in the coming weeks.

Now that I have covered the Summer Uprising, I just want to say thanks for reading and feel free to argue with me in the comments section, or praise my awesomeness. Your choice.

P.S. I would love a banner that had the phrase “Dcon speaks” on it. I will credit you for it and put it, along with your credit, on every post in this segment.


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