Indie Game Summer Uprising Update 8/22

I love seeing this logo, don't you?

Battle High: San Bruno update is now live. Go grab that fighty goodness HERE for 80 msp.
My feelings so far: I bought it, and I hate fighter games. That should tell you enough to make you go get it.
–The controls are easy to learn
–Graphics are great, sound is great
–8 Playable characters with different fighting styles

Here is the new look of the game for all of you who bought it earlier. Get the update, its free!

Other News:

Game Informer lets the world know about the Indie Game Summer Uprising. Whoo!

My comments on the Summer Uprising (Found…. HERE)

Cursed Loot releases under the radar.

I am in the process of editing my 10 other reviews. Probably wont come out til after the Uprising Bonanza, seeing as I will probably review some of those. Would review all, but with school I need to manage my time.

Hit a day high in site views! Thanks guys! (By day high, you guys doubled my total all time views)


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