Summer Uprising gets some advertising

Great banner for a great event

Apparently while I have been in class the last few hours, some important stuff has gone down. Not only have you guys already tripled quadrupled my high score for views in one day (thanks!), but along the lines of things that are actually important to everyone, Summer Uprising has gotten some serious advertisement. Game Informer has put up an article online about the summer uprising. This is huge for the Summer Uprising event because GI is such a big publication in the gaming world. This will no doubt have many people trying out these things called “indie games” due to this. 1,615 people have viewed said article at the time of this writing, that is great numbers. Hopefully people will try out more than just the only game that is out for the Summer Uprising, Raventhorne. Hopefully Game Informer will put out a reminder every day. That would be sweet. Raventhorne has been disappointing to most people, so for all of you who haven’t played indie games before, there are a lot of games that are better, keep playing them!

Hopefully this will spark some more awareness about the Summer Uprising, and more importantly, Indie Games.


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