Battle High: San Bruno — Reactions and Comments

Great banner for a great event

First of all, Battle High: San Bruno is a 80 msp fighter game that released a while back, then got an update as part of the Summer Uprising. I never played the original because I never heard of it, so my basis for my comments on gameplay are related to my fighter game experience… none. Here is my first impressions of the game, and since then my opinion has only changed in the following regard.

–No depth for the average gamer beyond learning the moves and beating a short arcade mode, and a few bonus levels.

This might scare a few of you, but here is the bottom line:

Battle High is a fun fighting game, but hardcore fighting gamers will love it more than anyone. I feel i got my 80 msp worth in a few hours of fun.

Now I am going to discuss the IGSU again and how it failed. Raventhorne sucks, and Battle High: San Bruno, while fun, is not deserving of being in the IGSU. Why you ask? While I did have fun with the game, I feel that there are better games out there and that fighting as a genre is not played as much as other games. This isn’t even a new game, just an update. It seems that the IGSU people wanted a fighter game badly to fill that niche. They could have picked a handful of new games, and even had the updates of better games included instead.

The IGSU could have been a ton better if they picked some better games to showcase. I will probably get most of the remaining games, but a few of them should be replaced by more original ideas. It seems now that even Indie developers won’t take risks. It is starting to scare me a little. Every game that is done well and sells a ton on the XBIG marketplace has 5 clones within 6 months, which degrades the quality of indie titles. The IGSU so far has been a huge disappointment, but I expect that to change soon with the release of Cute Things Dying Violently.

I have stated before that this is my pre-IGSU pick to be the best of the uprising. It might be my love of puzzle games, but this game just looks to be the best. Look for it to release late tonight or tomorrow morning. I expect to love it.

Feel free to comment.

Stay tuned to my Twitter for news on the IGSU as it continues.


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