Cute Things Dying Violently First Impressions

Welcome to part 2 of my how-many-parts-I-want series. Today I will be looking at the new IGSU title, Cute Things Dying Violently. What bad things could happen?

Best box art ever

Game: Cute Things Dying Violently
Creators: ApathyWorks
Price: 80 msp
Genre: Puzzle

–Once gotten used to, the controls are crisp, especially since you have time for every shot
–Great learning curve
–Great graphics and audio
–Humor in everything
–A good challenge for perfectionists, but you can beat the game without that route
–Bonus levels are a break from the normal gameplay and give you a way to hone your aiming skills
–Level Editor
–Same console multiplayer (haven’t tried it, but it looks fun)
–No timer on levels (explained below)

–No online map sharing system (yet, apparently a future update might hold that, so fingers crossed!!)
–No subtitles, I would love to be 100% of what insults I am hearing

–Achieve mints are cool and all, but we want more! They don’t even have to unlock stuff
–Online Multiplayer
–More levels!! (obviously)

I am playing this game like crazy, and I know anyone who tries it will love it too. It has the addictiveness of Angry Birds because you want to save all the critters you can, or get to that next level, but you aren’t rushed. The fact that there is no timer makes this game much more fun and relaxing to play., while games like Star Ninja are fun, but it becomes a pain to know the timer is there mocking you. So far, I love CTDV and it is climbing its way to the top of my favorite indie games.



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