Cute Things Dying Violently is almost here!

WHOOO! Its almost here. ApathyWorks is about to release their IGSU title! has released their game Cute Things Dying Violently!!! Still at work and sad that you can’t get home to play this game this very very instant? First of all queue up the game HERE. Then watch the trailer over and over again. Stay tuned for my first impressions. This is my most anticipated IGSU title. Here is some info straight from the press release.

What is CTDV? Well, it’s a game about Critters. And the Critters need your help! You flick them around each level to get them safely to the elevator. Between the Critters and their salvation lie puzzles and a ton of murderous objects such as spikes, buzzsaws, fire, and a homicidal, bucket-headed robot. It’s up to you to save these Cute Things and prevent them from Dying Violently.
In addition to a singleplayer campaign of 60 mind-bending, reflex-testing levels, players can also earn certain Achieve Mints: sweet, leafy green awards that unlock up to 6 special challenge levels where you can hone your murderous abilities. Cute Things Dying Violently also features competitive local multiplayer, where two players face off to try and save their own Critters while simultaneously killing their opponents’ with a variety of amusing powerups. Players can also try out the built-in Level Editor and use it to create and play their own (inferior) singleplayer and multiplayer levels.

Simple enough

They all seem super happy

The dude on the bottom left is scared for no reason

My review will be up ASAP. It looks good. Look for CTDV to release sometime late tonight or early tommorrow morning.


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