I have Epic Dungeon, should I get Cursed Loot?

Wait what?

This seems to be a question a lot of people will ask with the re-release of Eyehook’s great dungeon RPG, Epic Dungeon. Is it worth it? That is what i will cover in this segment of Dcon Speaks. As well as re-releasing games as a business practice, and Eyehook’s release decision.

I already have a review for Cursed Loot up HERE. This covers the game as a whole. This is a better read if you haven’t played Epic Dungeon. This is the article deciding between repurchasing for the bonus content, or staying with Epic Dungeon.

My answer is a big YES!!! for fans of the fist game. The Goblin class adds so much more to this game because it makes health regen a main skill. This is insanely useful, but all it really does is make you worry less about potions, but I still love it because of the new skills. All the new skills are passive and have their uses. My favorite is Thorns. It might not be as strong as Frenzy in terms of strength, but it is active constantly. Here is an explanation for the new skills:

Goblins are great non-management classes, combine with thorns for a character that attacks and heals himself

Stat Boost: adds the number or points in stat boost to your total skills
Perception: makes secret doors visible & increases critical hit chance
Stealth:  reduces the radius that monsters can detect you (at level 10 they have to be right next to you)
Thorns: deals increasing damage to enemies that hit you based upon its level

As you can see, they added some very useful skills. I have used strictly Thorns, but when I feel underpowered I will put a point or 2 in stat boost. Stat boost seems to have balanced out the accidental use of attribute points on something you didn’t want, or just making your tank character an even better tank. Stealth is the only skill I don’t really like because it really doesn’t help to much IMO, but its still nice for people who will use it.

Also in Cursed Loot they have added treasure chests and tombstone traps. Treasure chests will drop loot, or be a trap. Pretty simple. Tombstone traps are very creative. In the original Epic Dungeon, tombstones would be activated, then read. The tombstone traps work the same way, except they spawn enemies. This is cool because I bet very few people remember exactly where they died last. I activate all tombstones to either A. get an item or B. get some exp. Seems like a win win to me.

New Awardments have also been created, this adds considerably to replay value and is great. There is also an awardment chest that will give you  prizes based on your awardment points. Another reason to get awardments? Pure brilliance.

Basically here is my recommendations:

If you liked Epic Dungeon, the Goblin class will give you another run through, plus the 4 new skills and tweaks are great. Plus you are supporting Eyehook Games, a great company. If you hated Epic Dungeon then don’t get Cursed Loot, because it is the same general game with major additions. If you got Epic Dungeon and thought it was ok and play it through once or twice, Cursed Loot might not be for you. Download the trial HERE and see for yourself.

For that matter, should this be a common practice in Indie Games? A major overhaul a while after release that is released as a new game? I say it should be, so fans can continue to support their developers. Developers should not do this for an online multiplayer game. Period. As long as the other version stays playable I don’t see why not. It is a lot less effort than making a new game, but it makes fans very happy. Congrats Eyehook, you have done something new and amazing with Cursed Loot besides making it a great game.

Now about Eyehook’s release date decision. I think it is brilliant, don’t you? With the Summer Uprising people will be in full force clicking on the New Games page. They will not only find IGSU titles, but a familiar cover. This will get Eyehook’s masterpiece more exposure when it seems to be a bad move on their part. I like the move, especially considering the first 2 days of the IGSU were kinda weak (Raventhorne sucked and Battle High was an update, not a release).

Feel free to argue or agree with me in the comments below, or on Twitter.


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