Indie Game Summer Uprising Update 8/23

Photoshop makes everything fun

Welcome to my daily update!

Today the following things went down:

–Cute Things Dying Violently got released!!!  Download now!
— Already a review up HERE by VVGTV.
My First Impressions

–Battle High: San Bruno has started to get some mixed reactions from people including:

Me again, more on the topic of Battle High and the IGSU

–EARTHQUAKE!!! Seriously, apparently everyone got an earthquake on the east coast. Party!

–Cursed Loot, its still just as awesome as yesterday

Wait what?

Take a look at the logo. I am sneaky aren’t I? That is also posted in one of my earlier posts and no one called me on it. If you don’t get the reference, it is to Eyehook Games re-release of Epic Dungeon as Cursed Loot. It has more stuff and I think it is the best game so far in the Indie Game Summer… wait it isn’t part of it?


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