Indie Game Suggestions

Hi! today I decided to make a list of Indie Games that I would suggest, ordered by genre with a short explanation. Feel free to comment and add your own.

Overall: (my suggestions and why)

1. BloodyCheckers (80 msp)– 30 hours of gameplay (more coming soon) and fun online
2. Cursed Loot (80 msp)– Addictive and always different
3. Blocks That Matter (240 msp)– Challenging and fun at the same time, difficult to do
4.  Avatar Golf (400 msp)– Online is great, course editor is amazing
5. Doom and Destiny (240 msp) — best JRPG I have ever played, including Final Fantasy
6. Sequence (240 msp)– Rhythm/RPG that is highly original
7. Cute Things Dying Violently (80 msp)– As awesome as it sounds, addictive Puzzle game
8.  Block the Laser (80 msp) — challenging and soothing puzzle game
9. Cthulhu Saves the World (240 msp)– I love JRPGs, and this one is funny


1. Cursed Loot (80 msp)– Old School dungeon crawler. Used to be called Epic Dungeon, but got remixed with more stuff!
2. Doom and Destiny (240 msp) — best JRPG I have ever played, including Final Fantasy
3.  Cthulhu Saves the World (240 msp)– JRPG with a comedic flair. Very fun
4. Breath of Death VII (80 msp)– From the creators of Cthulhu Saves the World. Shorter game and cheaper, but same concept
5. Soulcaster II (240 msp)– Tower Defense/RPG. Very cool concept. Soulcaster I is the same thing, but shorter
6. Dungeon Adventure (240 msp)– Roguelike game, haven’t tried it myself, but will after the IGSU
7. Wizard’s Keep (80 msp)– laid back RPG with great couch co-op


1. Blocks That Matter (240 msp)– Platformer involving destroying and rebuilding blocks to move on. One of my favorites
2. Cute Things Dying Violently (80 msp)– Lemmings gameplay with Angry Birds aiming system and Super Meat Boy style deaths
3.  Block the Laser (80 msp) — challenging and soothing puzzle game
4. Vizati (80 msp)– Nudge, flip, or turn the board to line up same colored blocks. Very fun
5. Pixel Blocked (80 msp)– Create the outline that is on the board as fast and efficiently as possible
6. Starzzle (80 msp)– Pick up all the stars as fast as you can
7. Pocoro (80 msp)– Clear all numbers by stepping on the blocks, but you have to end on the finish
8. Star Ninja (80 msp)– Angry Birds with pirates and ninjas. Online leaderboards
9. Arkedo Series – 02 SWAP!  (240 msp)– Like tetris attack
10. Hack This Game (1 and 2) (80 msp)– game that simulates hacking with puzzles

Twin Stick Shooters

1. I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1NIT!!!1 (80 msp)– kill zombies, funny song
2. Radian Games Series  (400 msp)– Good games, but recent price upping means I only played Fluid, which is amazing


1. The Impossible Game (80 msp)– Hop across deadly obstacles with some nice music. Addictive
2. The Impossible Game Level Pack (80 msp)– same as above, 2 new levels
3. Miner Dig Deep (80 msp)– Dig deep and get you some gems
4.  Arkedo Series – 03 PIXEL! (240 msp)– never played it, but Arkedo Series is very popular for a reason I assume
5.  Arkedo Series – 01 JUMP! (240 msp)– same as above


1. Avatar Golf (400 msp) — Best golf game I have played, 8 player online and a detailed course editor
2. College Lacrosse 2011 (400 msp)– Heard it was fun, basically lacrosse
3. Goals (80 msp)– Top down soccer game where you control the spin on the ball


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