Indie Game Summer Uprising Update 8/24

Great banner for a great event

Welcome again! Today is the 3rd day in the IGSU, so here is a recap:

Game Released:

Raventhorne — 240 msp
Battle High: San Bruno (updated) — 80 msp
Cute Things Dying Violently — 80 msp
T.E.C. 3001 — 240 msp

Reviews: (feel free to link more in the comment section)

Empty Lifebar
Two Fedoras
High Octane Gaming 

Battle High: San Bruno (with update):
IndieGamerChickEmpty Lifebar

Cute Things Dying Violently:
Vintage Video Games TV 

Ok thats the recap for the whole uprising so far, might do 2 more full recaps later on in the uprising.

So how many of you have been playing Cute Things Dying Violently, saw the level editor, tried to use it, and got frustrated? I did. Check out ApathyWorks‘ tutorials for the level editor. Very in depth and helpful to get you on your way to torturing blue critters more effectively.

Today in Dcon6393 news

–I started my indie game suggestion page
I made a joke
— I started a discussion on an active Xbox360 website asking people why they don’t buy indie games, interesting responses

Right now I am working on a handful of things:

–CTDV review
–T.E.C 3001 review
–BloodyCheckers review
–Blocks That Matter review

I have been working on my BloodyCheckers review for awhile. Blocks That Matter will get a review once I finish up the game


About Dcon
Just a 20 something dude who like to think a lot about things, sometimes even write about them.

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