Indie Game Summer Uprising Update 8/25

Great banner for a great event

Ok this is going to be short because I am playing Doom and Destiny, and it is awesome. So the IGSU has started to pick up, with CTDV and Doom and Destiny being my favorites. TEC 3001 comes in at 3rd, then battle High, and then Raventhorne.

Instead of listing all the reviews, here are the general consensuses on the games.

Raventhorne: Good graphics, but bland everywhere else

Battle High: great for fighting fans, not much else

CTDV: Great Puzzle Platformer with some minor issues, but overall the best game so far

TEC3001: To short, to repetitive, but great graphics


Whoo! Now Doom and Destiny released today, and so far I am loving it! Even the first 10 mintutes showed me that it added things that I have wanted in all JRPGs for years. Go try it.

Oh yeah, my Cute Things Dying Violently review is up.

Well back to Doom and Destiny. Probably won’t post much til I finish it.


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