Doom and Destiny First Impressions

Game: Doom and Destiny
Creators: This dude and this dude
Website: (They have forums!)
Price: 240 msp
Genre: JRPG

All right it finally seems as if the IGSU has kicked into full gear. Doom and Destiny is probably, so far anyway, one the best JRPG I have ever played. Heck the only reason this article is being put up is because I couldn’t take my xbox to school with me. Unfortunately they frown upon setting up tvs and xboxes on the library tables… Communists. Anyway…

I am going to break down the Pros and Cons a bit differently. Pardon my mess if it sucks, feel free to let me know


–Standard JRPG attack system, with powers, items, etc.
–At the top of the battle screen there is a line with all the pictures of your dudes and enemies on it. This is the turn order. It is awesome. It also shows you when the current attacking man would go if you used the option you have highlighted. Very useful.
–Each character specializes in a different main attribute. Setting each character as leader will boost different things. Also you can pick front, middle, or back line for your characters. Middle has no boosts, Front has a specific boost and un-boost, same with back. This adds a great level of depth in your play style.
–When you level up you pick what attributes to raise for each character.
–If you reach an increment of 5 on a certain attribute (15, 20, 25, etc) you get a power point. This requires you to think when you level up
–Power points determine how many special abilities each character can have active. 2 PP means two 1 PP spells, or one 2PP spell
–The World Map is easy to navigate and find your way back and forth from place to place (there are signs to help out)
–The shoulder buttons (out of battle) conveniently bring you to your item menu and another useful menu. This saves a lot of hassle in the long run
–Holding down left trigger makes your guys attack with normal attacks really fast, on the nearest enemy. This is useful for low level battles and when there is one or two weak guys left to take out
–Good balance between all 4 characters and how they play
–Tons of exploration to do
–Auto-comparison with armor, weapons, etc. when buying things. It shows how the selected item will change the attributes of all character who can use it. Brilliant addition

–Doesn’t take itself seriously
–Almost every dialogue has some type of humor, good humor too, not crap humor
–Easy to connect a lot of things

–Backdrop for every thing is very lively
Good choice of colors, I never got a headache in my 2 hours of playing so far, and I get them often

–Music is great, I actually set the game on the main menu so I could listen to it while doing some homework
–Same with sound effects, really well done

–The trial is a lot different from the main game. I played the trial because I wanted to see if it would be a good RPG. I found out that the entire trial is a different opening that skips a lot of story stuff and throws you right in. Leveling you up with your first battle so you can see the skill system, putting you in the first town after 2 minutes instead of 45, etc. Best trial I have ever played

Cons: (Ok I am really reaching here)

–Sometimes it is kind of hard to select what enemy you want, but with multiple enemies on multiple rows and columns, it is going to happen. And it really isn’t that big of a deal because you aren’t timed in anyway
–Menu is a bit cluttered, but you should sell some stuff at that point

–I can’t play it at this moment

Yeah that is about it. So far I have only those 3 complaints about the game ( and technically the last one is a complaint about my choice to pursue and education at a university that does not like people to bring gaming systems into the library, so I blame only myself). The game is very well done, and any JRPG fan will love the touches that the developers added. If you aren’t convince try the trial, it does the game good justice.


About Dcon
Just a 20 something dude who like to think a lot about things, sometimes even write about them.

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