Indie Game Summer Uprising Weekend Update

Great banner for a great event


Well  I have been busy over the weekend doing things like playing Doom and Destiny, Block the Laser, and Cute Things Dying Violently. Oh yeah and sleeping. But here is the weekend update with everything good that has happened.

First of all the IGSU title Take Arms released yesterday to some issues. Discord Games had to unfortunately take it off the marketplace, but they think they have figured out the problem and hope to have it up within the week. If you are a developer and want to help discord games playtest, they have a playtesting session at 9 PM EST tuesday. If you can help Tweet Discord games HERE.

In other IGSU news there really is none, Doom and Destiny was the perfect choice for a friday release because of its length, and most people haven’t finished yet. I am loving it and I am about 3 hours in, but I haven’t even done the first real quest yet. I am slacking, I know, but I will finish it and review it within the week I hope.

So the IGSU will kick back up again today with the release of SpeedRunner HD. It looks like an interesting title. It seems to not have online multiplayer, but it does have 4 player local. The control scheme will make or break this game. Stay tuned for its release (probably later on tonight).

In site news, I posted a rather interesting article on an idea I had. It has gotten positive feedback so far, don’t be afraid to go offer your opinion. I think it could really give a boost to indie games. ARTICLE!

I also updated my game suggestions page. I will add more games as I find more that are worthy.

In news about me, I am currently playing BloodyCheckers online, but unfortunately I can online find a few games a  day. Go try the game out and send me a message (Dcon6393) if you want to play. Seriously, checkers is a lot more fun than you remember it to be.



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