Xbox Indie Reviews’ August Recap

NOTE: Thanks to everyone for making this site super fun for me to update. I realize I don’t have many reviews up, but when I am at school I usually do news updates. I will publish more reviews after the IGSU, so stay tuned!

Well it has been a fun month. I have to decided to do a monthly recap just for kicks, mainly to point out my most important articles, all the games I reviewed, stuff that happened in the Indie Game Community, etc. So for started lets talk about stuff that happened:

August 13th: I started this site on a whim, not really any views, was hoping for more people to see

August 20th: I started my Twitter account

August 21st:
Raventhorne releases to start the IGSU off with a poof (not a bang, see what I did there)
–A way better game (winner of the Dream.Build.Play contest) Blocks that Matter gets an update

August 22nd:
Battle High: San Bruno gets its update as part of IGSU.
–My views increased by 1000%. Mostly because of my San Bruno first impressions.
Cursed Loot releases as well. Not an IGSU title, but my second favorite indie game of all time. Formerly known as Epic Dungeon.

August 23rd:
Cute Things Dying Violently releases. This is where I assumed they meant the IGSU to start, but accidentally included the first 2 titles as part of it. (my review)
My article on whether or not you should get Cursed Loot if you already have Epic Dungeon is published.

August 24th:
T.E.C. 3001 releases. Kind of a disappointment, but still a decent game. I also made an unfunny joke

August 25th:
Doom & Destiny releases. It is my favorite game of the IGSU so far and my favorite JRPG.

August 26th:
–Around this time I started my game suggestions page. This is for new gamers on the indie scene and veterans alike to find great games for their tastes. Leave your ideas in the comments sections of the page.

August 27th:
–IndieGamerChick publishes her Video Wars review and starts the discussion of online multiplayer being omitted. I then discuss with a developer why if a game needs multiplayer, there is no reason to not put in the time and put it in.

August 28th:
–Take Arms releases, then unfortunately has to get pulled because of massive lag issues. Discord games handled this with beauty and hopefully it will not affect the overall sales of their game. (relaunch scheduled for Sept. 2nd)
–The Dream.Build.Play winners are announced!!!
–I made this article discussing a great idea for Indie Games. I would love feedback!

August 29th:
SpeedRunner HD releases. Probably the quietest day ever on Twitter and the indie game scene

August 30th:
Train Frontier Express releases and experiences the glory of being on of the top rated indie games for a few hours.

August 31st:
Chester releases
–I finally put up a review for my favorite indie game of all time, BloodyCheckers

Thats about it. I don’t think I posted much more than that


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