Take Arms First Impressions

Game: Take Arms
Creators: Discord Games
Genre: 2D Shooter
Price: 240 msp
1 Player offline/2-8 Player Online


First off, thanks to all the people who played Take Arms with me. It was awesome. I will hone my lucky, across the map kills for our next game.


— Fun with a lot of people
— Great map design
— Well balanced gameplay
— Crisp controls that are easy to pick up on
— Awesome graphics
— System Link compatible


–Glitches (grenades, bullets not landing right, melee, etc.)
— Only a few classes and maps, but that should change soon enough
— No split screen


— Number one should be fixing glitches (1. Grenade 2. Melee 3. Bullets)
— More maps and another class maybe
— More stats to keep track of (specifically lucky off the screen kills on AlejandroDaJ)
–Custom Game Lobby setup instead of random matchmaking.

If this game handled online like it does offline, it would be so much better, but it is still crazy fun

Hint: If you play a private online match, it counts towards your offline totals, not your online totals

It is a short list, but what can I say, that is the whole game. I am not going to add in unnecessary details. Basically, its a fun game. 240 msp seems like a lot, but it is a whole ton of fun with a lively lobby of people. The glitches get annoying, but at least they affected everyone at once. In our games it made grenades next to useless and melees very difficult to land on purpose. So it wasn’t like one man was a wrecking crew cause he had host. All in all, it is worth it if you can get some friends to get it or make online friends fast. 2 v 2 and 3 v 3 games are fun too, you don’t need 8 people to make this game fun. There are some images below.

The stat screen where you can see your carnage

Symmetry makes the maps all the more balanced

The graphics are great


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