Indie Games Summer Uprising — Final Notes

NOTE: Leave your comments below, I want to see how everyone felt about the Uprising

Well it has been fun, but the Indie Game Summer Uprising has drawn to a close. Here are the games I bought out of the uprising (tried them all)

— Battle High: San Bruno
— Cute Things Dying Violently
— Doom and Destiny
— T.E.C 3001
— Take Arms
— SpeedRunner HD

NOTE: I am still trying Chester and Redd: The Lost Temple, but not a fan of either really


Instead of posting every single review for every single game, I will just post the sites with reviews on them for IGSU titles. This seems a lot easier on my sanity.

Indie Gamer Chick
Vintage Video Games TV
Two Fedoras
Achievement Locked
Armless Octopus

Dcon’s Awards

Here I will list the Summer Uprising Games in order of how much I like them. Number 1 is a super difficult choice, but overall I decided to go with:

1. Doom and Destiny
2. Cute Things Dying Violently
3. Take Arms
4. SpeedRunner HD
5. T.E.C 3001
6. Redd: The Lost Temple
7. Chester
8. Battle High: San Bruno
9. Train Frontier Express
10. Raventhorne

I purchased San Bruno cause it was a buck and I enjoyed it a little, but I won’t just buy a 3 dollar game, I have to try it a lot more first.

Final Notes:

I have been highly critical of the advertising of the IGSU, until now. There is now a dashboard advertisement in the game marketplace section of the dashboard. This will increase downloads for IGSU titles, and hopefully some other indie titles as well. Here is the VVGTV article on the dashboard promotion. Take Arms and Redd: The Lost Temple are missing because of the release dates, will be added shortly. This dashboard advertisement is a huge boost the IGSU. Good thing it went live before I posted this, or I would have bashed the lack of advertising. I am sure all the developers love the boost.

Also, a note on reviews for all you reviewers out there, read every single tutorial there is in the game. We don’t want to read your review if it is misinformed because it gives people who have never seen the game the wrong idea. This leads me to believe that truly getting rave reviews from all reviewers requires gluing their eyes to the television while beaming the entire concept of controls in the game straight to their brain. Seriously people, take a few minutes and read tutorials, you will be shocked how little you know about the controls.
How did the uprising a whole go? Well I give it a 7 out of 10. Why? These factors:

— Rushed games
— Game breaking bug in Take Arms due to fail in peer review testing
— Raventhorne going first, followed by an update to a previously released game
— Lack of online multiplayer (besides Take Arms)
— Price points being high might have affected some sales. Obviously some games could not be a dollar, and that sucks

There were also some great things that came out of the uprising, in combination with Dream.Build.Play

— a little more exposure (until today, now it is a ton of exsposure)
— Innovative titles and titles with a new twist on old mechanics
— A great start for some new developers

Also, here are a list of other great titles that released during the Uprising

Cursed Loot (my review)
—  Guarding (RPG)
Ninjah (2-D ninja platformer, difficult controls, but cool concept)
Blockt (very cool puzzle concept)
All the Bad Parts (great story driven game)
The Jump Hero (addictive platformer)
— VideoWars (Strategy game)

I personally enjoyed That Really Hot Chick as well, but the save system is broken with a fix hopefully coming soon, see my article here comparing it with the Impossible Game.

That about wraps up the Uprising. I enjoyed covering it, and I hope they do more stuff like this in the time to come.


About Dcon
Just a 20 something dude who like to think a lot about things, sometimes even write about them.

2 Responses to Indie Games Summer Uprising — Final Notes

  1. Noah Jette says:

    good wrap-up, i picked up most the titles you did as well. (DCon? so YOUR the guy whos been meleeing the shit out of me! GT: SweatySides) EpiC… i mean Cursed Loot, has been eyeing me lately, may give it a buy.

    • Dcon6393 says:

      Good ole SweatySides, I remember you haha. Once the lag problems with Take Arms are addressed a bit in the new update I will be back on that for sure. Cursed Loot is worth it, even if you have Epic Dungeon. The extra class is nice, because you can let it do a lot for you and not use the spells at all if you want.

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