Apex First Impressions


Game: Apex
Genre: Platformer
1 player
Creators: RiddlerSoft Games
80 msp

Apex gave me the most shock I have had while playing an indie game demo on a whim, because it was awesome. I had so much fun I forgot I was on the trial until the “Do you want to buy?” screen popped up. I bought the game instantly and continued my journey.


Image from Apex



— Smooth Learning Curve
— Simple Controls with many applications
— Balanced Checkpoint system
— Sections that allow you to start from points very far in
— Non-annoying music
— Simple, yet nice enough graphics


— Online leaderboards are absent (for now)
—  Only 4 sections to pick from, so after the 4th it is a long haul to the end of the game (have not reached it yet)


Image from Apex


Apex is what I like to call a “Speed and Precision” Platformer. Basically you are evading some rising lava by going up, and you have to be fast and somewhat precise to do this. The game is very well balanced by the checkpoints you have. I never felt like there was too big of a gap between checkpoints. You can jump, double jump, bomb walls, and use time bombs to slow down time. The game is very simplistic in you have 2 meters to watch, your health and your boost meter. You lose health by hitting yourself with a bomb, running over electricity, and touching lava. Lava is not technically an instant kill, but very close to one. You also only lose boost through double jumping, and there are pickups on the map for health and boost. You can also pick up time bombs, which slow down everything but you for 4 seconds. This is a huge addition to the game.

This game is not one of those platformers where not dying will get you to the end in 5 minutes, it lasts way longer. I think I have spent about 45 minutes playing it and the top score on the  offline leaderboard that is preset is 4 times higher than mine….. Sweet! My only complaints are basically that it is a long haul from the 4th section to the end of the game, which I have not reached, but I guess I am glad I have the sections period. Also no online leaderboards like in Riddlersoft’s other games (Gravity and OSR: Unhinged), but it is coming soon.

All in all I feel like Apex is easily worth the purchase for anybody.




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