Trials HD: The Indie Game First Impressions

Osr unhinged

Game: OSR: Unhinged
Genre: Platformer Biking
1 player
Creators: RiddlerSoft Games
80 msp

Ok that is really not the name of the game, the name of the game is OSR: Unhinged, and it is awesome. Hey you know how Trials HD had leaderboards for every track? So does OSR: Unhinged…. for every track. Impressed yet? Well read on to be more impressed.


This is one of the unique features of this game, gravity being used as an obstacle/boost



— Good amount of maps
— Medals for each map
— “Token” System
— Fun mini-games (including total flips on a course in 30 seconds, beat my number 2 score!)
— Online leaderboards for every map, total score, and mini games
— Easy to learn controls
— Different paths through each map
— A handful of bikes to pick from
— Well done graphics
— 4 different control schemes to choose from


— None at the moment


As you can see, the graphics are simple, yet well done


Ok this game is becoming one of my new favorites, as are the other 2 Riddlersoft games I just bought (Apex and Gravity). This game has all of the fun of trials HD for the XBLA, but for a way lower price. The old school graphics are very well done, I mean just look at the detail on that bike above. I feel the game flows very well, and every slow down is your fault. Along the level there are these “Tokens” you can pick up. These are used to unlock levels and bikes, but I have not had a problem so far finding enough to move on to the next level. The levels come in 3 flavors, Normal, Crazy, and Unhinged. They also toss some cool mini-games in there as well. The one thing that really sets this game apart from other indie games that use leaderboards is that there is a leaderboard for everything in the game. This is implemented very well, I just do not like how Indie Games have no server so therefore my scores I am going for are based off who else is online at the time. So far on my leaderboard I am number 5 or 6 on a lot of tracks, but the top 5 people are way ahead of me. This tells me that some bikes later in the game are truly amazing.

All in all this is an amazing indie game, and easily worth your 80 msp. What else are you gonna buy with it? If you answered Apex, you are a sneaky person.




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