FortressCraft vs. Total Miner: The Forge

FortressCraft Chapter 1    vs.   Total Miner: Forge

Well recently I have tried both FortressCraft and Total Miner: The Forge. I kinda liked both of them, but they are both different, so I have decided to have a contest. Basically in the next week or so I will post my “First Impressions” and “Final Verdict”. This is just me comparing them for fun and is by no means the definitive comparison of the games. No I will not wait until the next Total Miner Update because I don’t have the time to wait. Maybe when the update comes out I will re-compare the games a little bit (if need be). It should be fun because I generally like building things. So far I like FortressCraft a little better because I can actually read the text on the menu for the boxes I choose, but I have only player a little while of each.  Will update  later this week.


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