FortressCraft First Impressions

FortressCraft Chapter 1

Game: FortressCraft Chapter 1: Creation
Genre: Block Building
1-8 player online
Creators: ProjectorGames
240 msp

Ok I really only got around to playing FortressCraft yesterday, and it was pretty fun. Here are my thoughts on it so far.


Image from FortressCraft Chapter 1



— Easy to use interface
— Readable text (always a plus, it shocks me how many games have text I cannot read)
— A lot of different blocks to use
— Block Crafting
— 8 Player Online multiplayer
— Boot function in said online multiplayer (hint, hit RB twice then freeze and boot)
— Good graphics
— Great light affects


— Water Physics are crappy (very, very crappy)
— The fact that you have to find relics (things that let you fly, jump higher, run faster, etc.)


— A way to paint a rectangle shaped area (with markers of some kind) and fill it in with a type of block
— Better Water Physics (I want to make waterfalls!)


Image from FortressCraft Chapter 1


Basically I am having a great time with FortressCraft. The whole point is just to build whatever the heck you want. That is the whole game. You do have to find relics in order to gain special powers, but that really feels like more of a chore than something fun. Once you get the hang of building things, you will be having a blast though. I spent an hour yesterday making a volcano style eruption. Without fluid physics this makes my volcano look more blockish, but it is still cool. During this experiment I got a good hang of the controls. The right stick’s use is very… useful. If you press the right stick in, you will automatically have the block you have hi-lighted in your hand. This is very useful for quickly switching between 3 or 4 types of blocks while building. While I might not have the ability to fly yet, I did find trampolines super useful. In a super unrealistic way, trampolines propel you upward more and more each jump. This is very useful for getting up to high places when you do not have the relics.

My favorite addition to the game so far is the workshop. Your workshop is below your spawn, waiting for you to do some crafting. Inside the workshop you can build any 8×8 shape you want. Then you can use that shape as a custom block. This is really cool because you can make things like chairs, tables, parts of signs, etc. Also the blocks that make up the workshop cannot be deleted, so you do not have to worry about accidental deletions. I have seen some really cool things people have come up with, and I look forward to making my own stuff.

Now about water physics. If the water physics in this game worked even a small bit better than they do, water would be useful for more than flat surfaces. Basically if you place a water block down wrong, you will flood your creations. This has no affect other than visual, but it is still a nuisance. To get your world back to normal, delete the water block you spawned, back out of your game, and reload it. This should fix all of your water problems. Apparently the next update will help with water physics and make water usable for things like waterfalls, which will be awesome.

All in all so far I love FortressCraft because it brings out my creativity. While writing this I have come up with 4-5 ideas for things I need to make when I get home. I would highly suggest trying this game if you have not already. The online multiplayer is great and makes it a lot more fun.


This is an intruiging video showing all the blocks types in FortressCraft.



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4 Responses to FortressCraft First Impressions

  1. Personally, I’ve never got into the Minecraft craze (not because I think it’s nothing special, because I’m sure it would be the start of many, many lost hours), but I can appreciate what everyone gets excited about, namely the creativity and building it allows. Of the two, it looks like FortressCraft is the way to go. And I do like the idea of online support, so that’s a solid plus in its column. Nice work, sir. If I ever do decide to check it out, I’ll have you to thank for steering me in the right direction.

    • Dcon6393 says:

      No problem. The main draw of FortressCraft is the online play, and the crafting mode. I do not have any friends who have this, but I know it would be a ton more fun if they did. The discovery of the Crafting mode really told me this was a great game. The newest update looks very promising too, with things like conveyor belts and the ability to add cool abilities to your custom blocks. Like things that grow and shrink, have the properties of a trampoline, etc. I should post a video of the newest update stuff if I can find one…

  2. When I first played Fortresscraft, I wasn’t sure what I should be doing. I pottered around for a while until I noticed some spacecraft-themed blocks in my inventory, and immediately thought “I could build a space station house!…a FLYING space station house!…in the shape of a tower!…with a roof garden!…and an observatory!”

    I think the key to having fun with Fortresscraft is to hark back to the misty days of childhood, when you would build castles or planes or bridges out of Lego blocks or cardboard boxes. Fortresscraft is basically “what can I build that will be awesome?”

    A lot of people seem to overlook that.

    And you know what’s possibly my favourite feature of it? No danger. Nothing can kill you, hurt you, drown you, trap you, whatever. It’s quite liberating once you realise.

    • Dcon6393 says:

      Exactly, now the developer is adding things like creatures and stuff, but I believe there will be the option to turn that stuff off. FortressCraft is as good as your creativity will let it be

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