Total Miner: The Forge First Impressions

Total Miner: Forge

Game: Total Miner: The Forge
Genre: Block Building
1-4 player local
creators: Greenstone Games
240 msp

NOTE: This is based off of 3 hours with the game, let me know if things I wish they would add are added later in the game

I finally got around to playing Total Miner last night. First of all, I do not care that this game takes things from other games and melts them together to make their own game. My review is based on the amount of fun I had, not “OMGZ tHis is just like MinEcraft so it Suxsss”. It is a bit of a mixed impression. Read on!


Image from Total Miner: Forge



— Cool concept of story mode (digging as deep as possible, looking for blueprints, etc.)
— Nice old-style graphics
— Feeling of progression in Dig Deep mode
— The store blocks are kinda cool


— Text is near impossible to read (names of blocks, numbers of blocks, etc.)
— No online play


— Make text readable
— Add online
— Crafting mode like FortressCraft


Image from Total Miner: Forge

It is way harder to read the number next to the boxes on an actual TV


One thing that really bugs me is graphics. Why build a game that requires you to have a great T.V. in order to see all of the important text? My T.V. might not be the greatest T.V. ever, but every game should have readable text from 5-6 feet away on a 26 inch television. This might seem like a petty complaint, but it is a huge deal when playing. On numerous occasions I have run out of blocks well before I thought I would because I could not see the amount of blocks I had. I also could never tell how much money I had, which rendered planning while buying stuff useless. The names of the blocks are also fuzzy, but I will chalk that up to a poor font choice over anything else. I have no problem with simple graphics as long as I can understand what is going on all the time. This really could be fixed by something as simple as adding an option for a normal text font.

Ok now that my graphics rant is over lets get to the meat of the gameplay.

Total Miner just feels like it is lacking something. Have you ever played a game and knew it was supposed to be more fun than it felt like? That is how I feel when I play Total Miner. I know that this game should be super fun, but it is not. Building is fun, but not as fun as it could be. I guess I am spoiled by the crafting in FortressCraft, but I tire of the blocks that are included in Total Miner. The stuff you can build that looks cool in the style of graphics given to you is very limited. Sure you can build cool castle looking things and other stone buildings, but the game would benefit from more variety in the blocks given to you. Look at the inventory in the picture above and you will see a lot of gray. This is just my personal opinion, but those style graphics with a lot of gray is not so awesome.

There are a lot of cool minor features in the game I figured I should mention. Grass automatically grows on dirt you dig up, which is really helpful when trying to build cool things involving grass.

Everyone is so hung up on Total Miner’s Dig Deep Mode and how awesome it is. I cannot really grade it right now because I would just go randomly run off and build an whatever I wanted. I did experiment with the crafting system and thought it was pretty cool. The idea of Dig Deep is pretty cool, but without the ability to read anything….

Creative Mode is really not all that interesting because of my earlier complaints regarding graphics and a lot of gray blocks. Here is where I would prefer a better inventory system and block selecting system than Total Miner’s inventory system.

Overall Total Miner is interesting and somewhat fun. So far I have not had a moment where I was like “WOW! that is cool!”. Most of my moments are spent squinting at the text and trying to find interesting blocks to match the ones I already have. The game is not bad, but I have more complaints for this game than I anticipated.



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2 Responses to Total Miner: The Forge First Impressions

  1. jschnitzxboxstuff says:

    Great Job! I Loved how you quoted the “OMGZ tHis is just like MinEcraft so it Suxsss.” but I completely agree with you. It is fun, but not amazing. That small text does throw people off from buying the game. I know it threw me off as soon as I started playing the game. Though instead of deleting the game, I kept on playing it through those non-readable text screens. Which i’m glad that I did and even bought the game.

    • Dcon6393 says:

      It is a few changes away from being better than FortressCraft in my eyes. I think everyone likes this game more because of the Dig Deep mode and combat and such, but it does not resonate with me as much. I will play some more in the weeks to come and see if that opinion changes.

      I do enjoy quoting the general population haha

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