9-25 Update –The Value of the Dollar in Video Games

I know I do not post much, but I will try to make this one worth your while. This week I have really been pondering the worth of the dollar in video games now. I can go to the store and pick up Fallout: New Vegas for 20 bucks. I have already put about 55 hours into and have just started my second playthrough. This game is amazing and so far, and with an original price of 40 bucks when I got it that averages out to a little less than a dollar per hour of play. On the other hand I can go to the indie game marketplace and download games like Blocks That Matter (14 hours — 3 dollars),  Avatar Golf (19 hours — 5 dollars), and BloodyCheckers (60 hours — 1 dollar). These might be extreme examples, but it has got me thinking about what I really pay for with AAA titles.

This is not to bash AAA titles, because there are plenty of worthwhile $60 games out there. My only point is when comparing money to amount of enjoyable gameplay indie games seem to have the upper hand. Most one dollar indie games will kill at least an hour while only a handful of $60 games will break 60 hours. I also understand that AAA titles have amazing graphics, storylines, and create more lifelike experiences. Does this mean that an hour playing a AAA title is worth more than playing an Indie Game ? Maybe, it is up to personal preference and really depends on the game.

In the end it all comes down to the game. I have had the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim paid off for almost a year now, and I have no doubt it will be worth the $60 admission for me. Others might want to invest their money in Modern Warfare 3 or Batman: Arkham City. I have no doubt those will be good games for their targeted demographics.

The whole point of me writing this is not to tell people to buy indie games instead of the next AAA title, but if you are like me and have 20 dollars to burn at a game store like I do, maybe consider picking up some Microsoft points instead of a $20 game that you might play for 5-10 hours max.

What I am playing:


— Fallout: New Vegas


Blocks That Matter
— Apex
— Dead Pixels
— OSR: Unhinged
— Doom and Destiny

What I am looking forward to:

— The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (11/11/11)
— Wizorb (9/29/11)
— Portal 2 DLC (unknown)


About Dcon
Just a 20 something dude who like to think a lot about things, sometimes even write about them.

2 Responses to 9-25 Update –The Value of the Dollar in Video Games

  1. I find it hard to classify games based on how many hours you enjoy with them, rather, how enjoyable those hours were. Deus Ex is a good example; 60 dollar game, 20 hours of gameplay, yet I had the most fun I’ve had since, hell, I don’t know, a good game came out?

    Even though I’m not the one to replay exclusively single player games (Just as I hate re-watching movies.) I still feel like the 60 dollars I put down for DE:HR was money well spent, even if I spend 3 bucks an hour playing it.

    • Dcon6393 says:

      I agree with that entirely. I am in the same boat with games like Portal 2. I enjoyed every minute of it and thought it was 35 bucks well spent. I meant to show that when it comes down to it, AAA games need great stories and experiences to be worth more money per hour than an indie game with amazing gameplay.

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