Stuffs you should play

Yeah I don’t post much, but here are some games that I believe you should play, because they are awesome.

Dark Delve (80 msp) — Old-School Time!!! seriously this game’s concept is older than me, but is very well done. You make a party of up to 4 characters from 3 separate classes. Those classes have 3 separate skill trees. In essence there is plenty of character customization. You go and explore local ruins for clues to continue your quest… and that is as far as I got. Being the efficiencyist that I am, I decided my character load out was sub par, so I started over. Crisp graphics, nice ambiance, and readable text. Readable text is a rarity on XBLIG. I have easily put 4 hours in so far, and the game totes a 7 hour story, but I have heard that is a gross under estimate if you explore and take you time.



Wizorb (240 msp) — Nice Arkanoid clone with some mild RPG elements. By mild I mean largely unnoticed, but highly useful to curb your frustration.



Dead Pixels (80 msp) — If you haven’t played this yet, what is wrong with you!! Go play it now. It is a brilliant mix of Side Scrolling Action and RPG elements. With Zombies.




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Just a 20 something dude who like to think a lot about things, sometimes even write about them.

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