Dark Delve Review

Dark Delve

Dark Delve
1 player
Creator: CheckMark Games
$1 (80 msp)
Rating: 8.5/10

Honestly I am not sure if I can call this a review. I have not completed the game because I played 4 hours, and then made the decision to start over my file. Plus this is really just an explanation of the game’s balance. I have loved every moment of Dark Delve because of its balance. From skill points to chains and weapons to armor everything feels balanced. Maybe the only thing that is not balanced is the price of weapons. For example one weapon might cost you 45 gold and do 30 damage. The next weapon up on the weapon food chain might cost you 60 gold, but only does 25 damage. This does not happen often, but it made me scratch my head. Heck, why am I complaining? Cheaper, more powerful weapons? Yes please.


Character skill screen


The single player view of the game is very cool and makes the world feel more lifelike than if it was a top down view. While dungeon diving you have to balance the endurance of your party, and the health and mana of each character. If your endurance runs out you will no longer gain health and mana after each battle. Your endurance can be recovered by consuming certain items or going back to town to rest in the town inn. This makes endurance crucial to keep track of. Battles usually leave your characters at least a little hurt and a little of their mana gone. Depending on your effectiveness in battle you will get a grade from D to S. The more effective you are, the more health and mana you will recover after a battle. Talk about incentive to be involved at every point in the battle. I truly believe that this addition makes battle a whole lot better.


The first person view is pretty cool



You can have a party of up to 4 people with any mixture of three classes you want. Is it your inclination to have three mages and a rouge? Have at it, it is your funeral. The classes themselves all have three skill trees you can put points into. Through this you will teach your character new skills or add on new abilities that compliment your skills. There is a nice balance here that I really appreciate. You have to not only take into account the effects the skills you pick will have on the character they are for, but how that skill will affect the party as a whole. It truly feels like a party based game. Also who says you need a party of 4? You can go into the game with 1, 2, 3, or 4 characters. The less characters you have, the more experience you get per battle. Since there is an awardment for beating the game with 2 characters, I assume it is possible.


The combat screen is clear and serves its purpose


Ah awardments, Indie Games attempt to pull in the achievement addicted customers. The awardments in Dark Delve are varied and entice you to make multiple playthroughs or play challenge levels in ways you never thought of. Speaking of challenges, they are pretty cool. Imagine you are tired, but you really want to play some Dark Delve. You do not want to think about everything that is involved in the single player experience like distributing skill points or buying weapons. Go into the challenge mode to find pre-made characters with a goal for you to accomplish. These are built to be finished in one sitting and are very cool. I believe the developer has promised more through free updates as well. Challenges really show all of the best attributes of Dark Delve.

The battle system is something I have saved for last because it is so good. The battle system is my favorite part of the whole game. Yes there are a lot of misses when you try to attack, but it does not affect the gameplay that much. While deciding who to attack you can hit Y and see the description of the enemy. Resistant to magic? Resistant to physical attacks? Special Abilities? All listed. This is extremely useful for planning your whole attack. You also get a point added to your chain for every hit you get on the enemy. At any point when a character has a chain, you can use a Break ability. This breaks your chain and lets you use a useful, 0 mana attack. For my mage the one I used was his healing power and for my warrior I used a super attack that was usually a one hit kill late in the chain. The battle system is a cool, modified take on the RPG battle system of old, and it is a great addition to the game.



Overall Dark Delve is a great RPG and deserves your time and 80 msp. It is a fresh RPG experience with all the feel of the RPGs of old. This game does a lot of things very well, and only a few things poorly. With new challenges coming in the form of updates, any RPG fan will love this game. If you do not like RPGs, this really will not make you have a sudden realization that you love RPGs.


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