PLATFORMANCE: Temple Death Review


1 player
Creator: Magiko Gaming
$1 (80 msp)
Rating: 8/10

The title PLATFORMANCE: Temple Death does not have a great connotation to it, but it does let you know exactly how the game will go. The game’s title is telling you that you will die and that your death will involve Platforming. Yup, that sums it up. This game promises you that, and it delivers in a very good way.


The whole game is right up there^


Basically you are a man with a spiffy hat and a whip. A “Princess” seems to have gotten herself trapped. Naturally it is your job to… come on, you have played this concept through before…

“Kill her?”

…. no ….

“Ummm…. –insert sexual comment here–”

What kind of games do you play?!? Try again.

“Save her”

No you id… wait, no that is right. You have to save her. The whole point of this game is to rescue this girl who has managed to get herself chained up in the middle of a trap laden maze. You must run, jump, die, drown, impale yourself, swim, bounce, die, and get crushed on your way to do so. The deaths are optional, but will probably happen if it is your first run through of the game. So it is clear you will die many times, but you will have checkpoints. Sometimes there will be a checkpoint right after 1 jump, and sometimes after a bunch of jumps and climbs, but in my opinion (which is the only thing that matters here) the checkpoints are laid out perfectly throughout the whole game. I never once found that a checkpoint was too far away, so therefore I never got frustrated, so therefore I had fun. And that is the whole point of gaming, fun. Some people seem to have forgotten that in their pre-pubescent rants in the middle of a CoD or Halo match, but that is a topic for a different day. Temple Death was a lot of fun, and that is more than enough reason to buy it.


That rock is probably bloody for a reason...


Magiko Gaming also added in to this game what they tend to do with all of their games, replay value. They do this is the form of 3 difficulties, awards, and online leaderboards. The only problem with the leaderboards now is that since they are peer to peer the chances of you getting a full leaderboard to compete against is really low.  The awards in the game are very cool because they challenge you to finish the game with less deaths and eventually no deaths on any difficulty. These are a bit ridiculous, but hey, you get an award for it. You also get rewarded for bad things, like dying a certain number of times. These flop awards are pretty funny an lighten the mood after your 1000th death.

The game may be a bit short, seeing as it is only one level, but it is fun all the way through. With the added goodness of awards to shoot for and scores on the leaderboards to overcome, you will easily get your dollar’s worth.



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