DLC Quest Review

DLC Quest

DLC Quest
1 Player
Creator: Going Loud Studios —— Twitter: (@benkane, @goingloudstudios)
$1 (80 msp)

Who doesn’t love a good satire? Heartless people you say? Yup, that covers it. No matter how you dress it up, DLC has become ridiculous in at least 50% of all cases, and DLC Quest creator Ben Kane knows it. And instead of complaining to the forums, crying home to his mommy, and buying the DLC anyway, he decided to do something about it. Make fun of it. Not only does DLC Quest openly mock the concept of DLC, but it openly mocks a lot of game concepts we have come to recognize as commonplace and unavoidable. The sheer hilarity of everything I had to do to continue on with the game made me play from beginning to end all in one sitting, which is rare in an indie game. Even though the game is 40 minutes to an hour long, I still see that as a compliment. In the end, you will play DLC Quest once, and maybe fire it back up for the awardments or the alternate ending, and then never play it again. That could be anywhere from 30-90 minutes of play. Yet the game still managed to entertain me the entire time I was playing it, which is hard to do.

The concept of the gameplay itself is very, very simple. You run, jump, and attack your way through the game to get to the final boss. Eventually the potential of the game is smacking you right in the face. I found myself at the end of the game wondering “What if there were puzzles?” Honestly I felt like this game deserved puzzles of some kind as well as side quests. Nothing necessary to the completion of the main game. I believe there was so much room for side quest satire, puzzle satire, dungeon satire, etc. How cool would it be to buy side quest DLC or expansion pack DLC with extra coins that you have at the end of the game? Super cool. Maybe that would have taken away from the overall satire of the game, but I believe in Ben’s abilities to not do that.

no spoilers here

The controls are great 95% of the time, but the other 5% you might get a bit frustrated. Nothing that will make you throw your controller, or quit the game forever, but the controls could have been a bit tighter. The learning curve of this game is interesting because it is based on buying DLC. You can all of your abilities besides moving to the right from buying DLC. This is cool because even the most casual of gamers will be able to stay on track with the learning curve. Anybody who has ever played a Platformer will have no issue though.

The story of this game is where it really shines the brightest. Satire is such a difficult type of comedy to pull off without being annoying or being too “in your face”. DLC Quest pokes fun at literally everything I can think of. I really do not want to list any of them here so I don’t ruin your experience either. Believe me, you will enjoy all of the jokes that the game makes, DLC related or not. Something that really compliments the story is the awardments. You know, achievements some indie developers put into their games just for their game? The awardments add extra incentive to explore the whole map and find all of the DLC packs. They won’t take but an extra 10 minutes of your time once you beat the whole game. It is not often that the awardments of an indie game are so in-tune with the game itself. They do not require much extra effort, and are quite fun and make you feel accomplished.

In the end, you will enjoy this game a lot more if you have a sense of humor. If you don’t have a sense of humor don’t bother, we don’t want you here anyway! The game is easily worth the price of admission, and leaves you longing for more.

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  1. Kairi Vice says:

    Good job not spoiling it Dcon. Good man. I’ll be linking to this at IndieGamerChick.

    • Dcon6393 says:

      I try. I needed an image in the middle though so it did not look like the most boring article ever written. This honestly should have been done a few days ago

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