The future of this site

All right, so it has come down to this. I love all of the experiences I have had in the XBLIG scene over the last few months, but I am going on haitus for at least the semester for reviewing games. Not only do I have to study (maybe), I also want to focus on developing my own games. It has been awesome, but I have things in my life that have shot to the forefront that I would prefer to focus on as well. Thanks for all the fun. If you for some reason don’t know about other XBLIG sites visit:

Also, remove all of your credit card information from your XBL account ASAP. The hacking have started to escalate and I refuse to believe it is phising on all accounts. So for your own safety, remove credit card details and try to set up as many precautions as possible.

On a more personal note, I just returned from a college Christian conference (Passion 2012). It was an amazing experience an has changed my outlook on a lot of things. Just having the striking comparison’s between how Christians in America act and how the Bible says we should act is eye opening. The only reason I go to the church I go to is because the pastor is incredible and screams for revival every week, but unfortunately gets next to no response from the congregation. If you do consider yourself a Christian,  I would highly suggest reading Esphesians in depth to try to fully understand what your actions as a Christian should look like.

On that note, I will be posting regularly is this blog: hopefully

Goodbye everyone, hopefully you will be able to play some of my games in the near/distant/somewhere in between future. It has been real. God bless


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Just a 20 something dude who like to think a lot about things, sometimes even write about them.

8 Responses to The future of this site

  1. A guy that has viewed your site says:

    Hopefully you’ll love making games in the future! I know by a fact that they are fun!

    Also I don’t play on my Xbox often, but I do know many friends that Microsoft has said they had been “attack phishing scams.” I do know that is a lie, many of these people are not stupid or would never fill in these stupid phishing scams.

    • Dcon6393 says:

      thanks! and exactly. I saw a post on a site where a guy said his password was 24 digits and randomly generated and never used his live id anywhere else, but still got hacked. Microsoft needs to figure out the leak and fix it. A simpler solution would be people not being complete, selfish jerks, but that will never happen. I have a strong dislike of thieves and people who benefit from other’s misfortune on purpose.

  2. I’ll be pulling my credit card information shortly, as the risk isn’t worth it…besides, it’ll keep me from doing what I normally do in regards to impulse point purchases. 😛

    Sad to see you’re stepping out for a bit. I wish you luck in all life’s endeavors and sincerely hope you find what you’re looking for, in work and in faith. The general hypocrisy of Christians was one of my first steps away from the church, and I ultimately chose to reject it entirely. I tend to avoid debates or discussions on faith anymore, as it’s a rather personal issue…but for my part, so long as you do no harm by your beliefs, I wish you security through them. Should they ever lead you to reject reality or wish ill toward another: question them thoroughly. I won’t get into the subject any further than that.

    All the best.

    • Dcon6393 says:

      Haha so maybe you could have been more detrimental to your credit card balance than a hacker.

      On the subject of faith, the one thing I hear a lot my friends say when I ask what they dislike the most about Christianity is the Christians themselves. The books of the Bible clearly show how we should live, but why do we not care? That is what I will be questioning in the near future as I talk with others and see exactly what can be done. Any belief that does harm to others is not moral or logical in my opinion, so I agree with you entirely.

      I will still be aroundish, commenting on your site and others as well. I am not that easy to squish.

      • I’m with Nate on all of the above, and I really should get my info off Xbox as well. If it weren’t for the fact that their customer service (in my three separate experiences with them) has zero qualifications, zero empathy, and (according to some) zero power to actually make a difference if you encounter a problem, I’d have done it already. Plus, there’s that rumor (not sure if it’s confirmed or just internet ramblings) that doing so somehow voids your gold membership if you cancel out CC info. Either way, a mess that’s going to turn into something much worse, it seems.

        But enough of that. I do wish you the best, and even though you’re not dropping off the map completely, it’s a shame to see another voice of reason in the land of reviewers go temporarily silent. Looking forward to that first game of yours that I’ll get to play. I’m saving up all the bad jokes / photo captions I can think up till then.

      • Dcon6393 says:

        yeah, the whole microsoft situation is not getting any better.

        In terms of my future games right now I am just trying to get past a ton of technical snags and everything. Taking the winter to “find myself” did wonders for forgetting all I learned last semester

  3. Edgar Alan says:

    Well, It’s a shame to see you go but I understand that you have to prioritize what is important. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading the articles you’ve written here, and want to say a big Thank You for having provided me with plenty of information and entertainment over the past few months. I’ll have to make sure to check out your new blog too.

    • Dcon6393 says:

      Thanks man. It is really great to see people dive into the XBLIG scene like you did. I tried to be as informative as possible while still making up crap as I went along. Thanks for all your support

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