My other blog about my progression as a game developer. I have not posted in a while, but want to soon.

Hey!! I am glad you have made the decision to visit this blog. Here is some information about me and my gaming habits and the like.

I started gaming when I was 5 with the Game Boy Color and Playstation 1. I had a great love for games with strategy and stats like Pokemon, as well as an odd love for golf games. With age and $100 I decided upon the Gamecube for my console of choice. I played games like Pikmin, Animal Crossing, and Legend of Zelda. Those were good times. Then, for the sole purpose of playing Halo and Oblivion, I bought an Xbox 360. This is when my gaming became more than an “obsessive hobby” and more of a career option. I decided after playing Oblivion that I wanted to make video games. At first I wanted to work for a big company and make awesome games. That has been my opinion until recently, with the surge of indie games. I would still love to work for Bethesda (my first choice), but I would not have the creative freedom to make what I wanted. I have many ideas for games that I will work on while getting my college degree in computer science. Maybe, just maybe, I can make a game that people will enjoy.

Now I play 1 to 3 new indie games a week, depending on how much I am playing my other indie games. My favorite indie game is BloodyCheckers, and my favorite game of all time is The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I usually play with my cousin if he is online, but if he isn’t I am all over indie games. What people don’t realize sometimes that games should be fun and social first, not something you do alone.

On this site I will post my reviews about xbox 360 indie games. I love the indie game scene and love informing people about it. I might post other blogs about the indie game scene in general as well. I doubt anyone will really follow this, but its worth it if one person tries and loves an indie game because of me. Word of mouth is more powerful than many people will believe for indie games.

If you have a specific game I should review or try, send me an email:


or send me a tweet (is that what the kids call it) @Dcon6393

Review System

This is important for anyone who will use this site to read. I DO NOT take free copies, period. I do try games before I buy them, and I will only buy sucky ones if they are popular so I can write a review that shows the full game in all its anti glory.

Basically I will be combining a few techniques I have seen from other review sites, and I would love some feedback on how I do reviews so I can change things if need be. Here are the techniques:

1. First I will list all the game’s information, like price, developer, release date, and genre. I will also list similar games so if you love the game I review, you can find other games like it.

2. I will try my best to explain all the features of the game, including my feelings about them. If a feature sucks I will say it does. I will try not to be overly critical, but sometimes it is necessary. I really want you to get a feel for the game, even if it is not a game in my favorite genre.

3. I will only spend a little time on graphics and audio, unless that is an integral part of the game. Usually it will be a sentence or two.

4. Then I will list my overall score out of 10.

5. Then I will have a short overview of my review with my personal advice for whether to buy the game, try it, or pass it alltogether.


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