Indie Games Summer Uprising — Final Notes

NOTE: Leave your comments below, I want to see how everyone felt about the Uprising

Well it has been fun, but the Indie Game Summer Uprising has drawn to a close. Here are the games I bought out of the uprising (tried them all)

— Battle High: San Bruno
— Cute Things Dying Violently
— Doom and Destiny
— T.E.C 3001
— Take Arms
— SpeedRunner HD

NOTE: I am still trying Chester and Redd: The Lost Temple, but not a fan of either really


Instead of posting every single review for every single game, I will just post the sites with reviews on them for IGSU titles. This seems a lot easier on my sanity.

Indie Gamer Chick
Vintage Video Games TV
Two Fedoras
Achievement Locked
Armless Octopus

Dcon’s Awards

Here I will list the Summer Uprising Games in order of how much I like them. Number 1 is a super difficult choice, but overall I decided to go with:

1. Doom and Destiny
2. Cute Things Dying Violently
3. Take Arms
4. SpeedRunner HD
5. T.E.C 3001
6. Redd: The Lost Temple
7. Chester
8. Battle High: San Bruno
9. Train Frontier Express
10. Raventhorne

I purchased San Bruno cause it was a buck and I enjoyed it a little, but I won’t just buy a 3 dollar game, I have to try it a lot more first.

Final Notes:

I have been highly critical of the advertising of the IGSU, until now. There is now a dashboard advertisement in the game marketplace section of the dashboard. This will increase downloads for IGSU titles, and hopefully some other indie titles as well. Here is the VVGTV article on the dashboard promotion. Take Arms and Redd: The Lost Temple are missing because of the release dates, will be added shortly. This dashboard advertisement is a huge boost the IGSU. Good thing it went live before I posted this, or I would have bashed the lack of advertising. I am sure all the developers love the boost.

Also, a note on reviews for all you reviewers out there, read every single tutorial there is in the game. We don’t want to read your review if it is misinformed because it gives people who have never seen the game the wrong idea. This leads me to believe that truly getting rave reviews from all reviewers requires gluing their eyes to the television while beaming the entire concept of controls in the game straight to their brain. Seriously people, take a few minutes and read tutorials, you will be shocked how little you know about the controls.
How did the uprising a whole go? Well I give it a 7 out of 10. Why? These factors:

— Rushed games
— Game breaking bug in Take Arms due to fail in peer review testing
— Raventhorne going first, followed by an update to a previously released game
— Lack of online multiplayer (besides Take Arms)
— Price points being high might have affected some sales. Obviously some games could not be a dollar, and that sucks

There were also some great things that came out of the uprising, in combination with Dream.Build.Play

— a little more exposure (until today, now it is a ton of exsposure)
— Innovative titles and titles with a new twist on old mechanics
— A great start for some new developers

Also, here are a list of other great titles that released during the Uprising

Cursed Loot (my review)
—  Guarding (RPG)
Ninjah (2-D ninja platformer, difficult controls, but cool concept)
Blockt (very cool puzzle concept)
All the Bad Parts (great story driven game)
The Jump Hero (addictive platformer)
— VideoWars (Strategy game)

I personally enjoyed That Really Hot Chick as well, but the save system is broken with a fix hopefully coming soon, see my article here comparing it with the Impossible Game.

That about wraps up the Uprising. I enjoyed covering it, and I hope they do more stuff like this in the time to come.


Indie Games Summer Uprising Update 8/30

Great banner for a great event

Whoo what a long day. I had a 16 hour school day, so this update is being constructed with fumes.

Train Frontier Express released today for 240 msp. It looks very interesting, but I am  not much of a builder. I might check it out eventually though, it looks very well made.


IndieGamerChick reviewed Doom and Destiny and Speedrunner HD

Nothing much in the way of reviews. Oh yeah go check out the Doom and Destiny forums and discuss the game.

Today I worked on my BloodyCheckers review that I want to release by Thursday night. BTW it is the 19th top rated game on the indie marketplace so I am not the only lover of BloodyCheckers.

Thats it, I am beat and I am going to relax with a nice game of whatever I can find, I hope to be more informative tomorrow.

Indie Game Summer Uprising Weekend Update

Great banner for a great event


Well  I have been busy over the weekend doing things like playing Doom and Destiny, Block the Laser, and Cute Things Dying Violently. Oh yeah and sleeping. But here is the weekend update with everything good that has happened.

First of all the IGSU title Take Arms released yesterday to some issues. Discord Games had to unfortunately take it off the marketplace, but they think they have figured out the problem and hope to have it up within the week. If you are a developer and want to help discord games playtest, they have a playtesting session at 9 PM EST tuesday. If you can help Tweet Discord games HERE.

In other IGSU news there really is none, Doom and Destiny was the perfect choice for a friday release because of its length, and most people haven’t finished yet. I am loving it and I am about 3 hours in, but I haven’t even done the first real quest yet. I am slacking, I know, but I will finish it and review it within the week I hope.

So the IGSU will kick back up again today with the release of SpeedRunner HD. It looks like an interesting title. It seems to not have online multiplayer, but it does have 4 player local. The control scheme will make or break this game. Stay tuned for its release (probably later on tonight).

In site news, I posted a rather interesting article on an idea I had. It has gotten positive feedback so far, don’t be afraid to go offer your opinion. I think it could really give a boost to indie games. ARTICLE!

I also updated my game suggestions page. I will add more games as I find more that are worthy.

In news about me, I am currently playing BloodyCheckers online, but unfortunately I can online find a few games a  day. Go try the game out and send me a message (Dcon6393) if you want to play. Seriously, checkers is a lot more fun than you remember it to be.


Indie Game Summer Uprising Update 8/25

Great banner for a great event

Ok this is going to be short because I am playing Doom and Destiny, and it is awesome. So the IGSU has started to pick up, with CTDV and Doom and Destiny being my favorites. TEC 3001 comes in at 3rd, then battle High, and then Raventhorne.

Instead of listing all the reviews, here are the general consensuses on the games.

Raventhorne: Good graphics, but bland everywhere else

Battle High: great for fighting fans, not much else

CTDV: Great Puzzle Platformer with some minor issues, but overall the best game so far

TEC3001: To short, to repetitive, but great graphics


Whoo! Now Doom and Destiny released today, and so far I am loving it! Even the first 10 mintutes showed me that it added things that I have wanted in all JRPGs for years. Go try it.

Oh yeah, my Cute Things Dying Violently review is up.

Well back to Doom and Destiny. Probably won’t post much til I finish it.

Indie Game Summer Uprising Update 8/24

Great banner for a great event

Welcome again! Today is the 3rd day in the IGSU, so here is a recap:

Game Released:

Raventhorne — 240 msp
Battle High: San Bruno (updated) — 80 msp
Cute Things Dying Violently — 80 msp
T.E.C. 3001 — 240 msp

Reviews: (feel free to link more in the comment section)

Empty Lifebar
Two Fedoras
High Octane Gaming 

Battle High: San Bruno (with update):
IndieGamerChickEmpty Lifebar

Cute Things Dying Violently:
Vintage Video Games TV 

Ok thats the recap for the whole uprising so far, might do 2 more full recaps later on in the uprising.

So how many of you have been playing Cute Things Dying Violently, saw the level editor, tried to use it, and got frustrated? I did. Check out ApathyWorks‘ tutorials for the level editor. Very in depth and helpful to get you on your way to torturing blue critters more effectively.

Today in Dcon6393 news

–I started my indie game suggestion page
I made a joke
— I started a discussion on an active Xbox360 website asking people why they don’t buy indie games, interesting responses

Right now I am working on a handful of things:

–CTDV review
–T.E.C 3001 review
–BloodyCheckers review
–Blocks That Matter review

I have been working on my BloodyCheckers review for awhile. Blocks That Matter will get a review once I finish up the game

Indie Game Summer Uprising Update 8/23

Photoshop makes everything fun

Welcome to my daily update!

Today the following things went down:

–Cute Things Dying Violently got released!!!  Download now!
— Already a review up HERE by VVGTV.
My First Impressions

–Battle High: San Bruno has started to get some mixed reactions from people including:

Me again, more on the topic of Battle High and the IGSU

–EARTHQUAKE!!! Seriously, apparently everyone got an earthquake on the east coast. Party!

–Cursed Loot, its still just as awesome as yesterday

Wait what?

Take a look at the logo. I am sneaky aren’t I? That is also posted in one of my earlier posts and no one called me on it. If you don’t get the reference, it is to Eyehook Games re-release of Epic Dungeon as Cursed Loot. It has more stuff and I think it is the best game so far in the Indie Game Summer… wait it isn’t part of it?

Battle High: San Bruno — Reactions and Comments

Great banner for a great event

First of all, Battle High: San Bruno is a 80 msp fighter game that released a while back, then got an update as part of the Summer Uprising. I never played the original because I never heard of it, so my basis for my comments on gameplay are related to my fighter game experience… none. Here is my first impressions of the game, and since then my opinion has only changed in the following regard.

–No depth for the average gamer beyond learning the moves and beating a short arcade mode, and a few bonus levels.

This might scare a few of you, but here is the bottom line:

Battle High is a fun fighting game, but hardcore fighting gamers will love it more than anyone. I feel i got my 80 msp worth in a few hours of fun.

Now I am going to discuss the IGSU again and how it failed. Raventhorne sucks, and Battle High: San Bruno, while fun, is not deserving of being in the IGSU. Why you ask? While I did have fun with the game, I feel that there are better games out there and that fighting as a genre is not played as much as other games. This isn’t even a new game, just an update. It seems that the IGSU people wanted a fighter game badly to fill that niche. They could have picked a handful of new games, and even had the updates of better games included instead.

The IGSU could have been a ton better if they picked some better games to showcase. I will probably get most of the remaining games, but a few of them should be replaced by more original ideas. It seems now that even Indie developers won’t take risks. It is starting to scare me a little. Every game that is done well and sells a ton on the XBIG marketplace has 5 clones within 6 months, which degrades the quality of indie titles. The IGSU so far has been a huge disappointment, but I expect that to change soon with the release of Cute Things Dying Violently.

I have stated before that this is my pre-IGSU pick to be the best of the uprising. It might be my love of puzzle games, but this game just looks to be the best. Look for it to release late tonight or tomorrow morning. I expect to love it.

Feel free to comment.

Stay tuned to my Twitter for news on the IGSU as it continues.