Xbox Indie Reviews’ August Recap

NOTE: Thanks to everyone for making this site super fun for me to update. I realize I don’t have many reviews up, but when I am at school I usually do news updates. I will publish more reviews after the IGSU, so stay tuned!

Well it has been a fun month. I have to decided to do a monthly recap just for kicks, mainly to point out my most important articles, all the games I reviewed, stuff that happened in the Indie Game Community, etc. So for started lets talk about stuff that happened:

August 13th: I started this site on a whim, not really any views, was hoping for more people to see

August 20th: I started my Twitter account

August 21st:
Raventhorne releases to start the IGSU off with a poof (not a bang, see what I did there)
–A way better game (winner of the Dream.Build.Play contest) Blocks that Matter gets an update

August 22nd:
Battle High: San Bruno gets its update as part of IGSU.
–My views increased by 1000%. Mostly because of my San Bruno first impressions.
Cursed Loot releases as well. Not an IGSU title, but my second favorite indie game of all time. Formerly known as Epic Dungeon.

August 23rd:
Cute Things Dying Violently releases. This is where I assumed they meant the IGSU to start, but accidentally included the first 2 titles as part of it. (my review)
My article on whether or not you should get Cursed Loot if you already have Epic Dungeon is published.

August 24th:
T.E.C. 3001 releases. Kind of a disappointment, but still a decent game. I also made an unfunny joke

August 25th:
Doom & Destiny releases. It is my favorite game of the IGSU so far and my favorite JRPG.

August 26th:
–Around this time I started my game suggestions page. This is for new gamers on the indie scene and veterans alike to find great games for their tastes. Leave your ideas in the comments sections of the page.

August 27th:
–IndieGamerChick publishes her Video Wars review and starts the discussion of online multiplayer being omitted. I then discuss with a developer why if a game needs multiplayer, there is no reason to not put in the time and put it in.

August 28th:
–Take Arms releases, then unfortunately has to get pulled because of massive lag issues. Discord games handled this with beauty and hopefully it will not affect the overall sales of their game. (relaunch scheduled for Sept. 2nd)
–The Dream.Build.Play winners are announced!!!
–I made this article discussing a great idea for Indie Games. I would love feedback!

August 29th:
SpeedRunner HD releases. Probably the quietest day ever on Twitter and the indie game scene

August 30th:
Train Frontier Express releases and experiences the glory of being on of the top rated indie games for a few hours.

August 31st:
Chester releases
–I finally put up a review for my favorite indie game of all time, BloodyCheckers

Thats about it. I don’t think I posted much more than that


Dream.Build.Play 2011 Winners Announced!!

Dream Build Play

Too bad I didn’t call the winners, because the 4 who won were the 4 games I thought would win. I was very happy to hear that my favorite puzzle game won the Grand Prize! Congratulations to the winners:

“Along with the cash, winning contestants have the chance to secure Xbox LIVE publishing contracts. Plus, winning games will be featured on Xbox LIVE Marketplace, where millions of gamers will have the chance to play them.”

Grand Prize ($40,000 ) 

Game: Block that Matter
Creator: Swing Swing Submarine
Price: 240 msp

Get ready to use your brain in this incredible platforming / puzzle-solving mashup! You play Tetrobot, a tiny driller robot that travels underground and drills blocks of matter to try to save your kidnapped creators.


First Prize ($20,000) 

Game: Solar 2
Creator: Murudai
Price:  400 msp

Enter a universe where you must prove yourself to a god-like figure by growing a solar system. In this open-world, sandbox game, you can nurture your planets, fight in huge space battles, steal planets, crash into objects and cause chaos.


Second Prize ($10,000)

Game: TIC: Part 1
Creator: RedCandy Games
Price: 240 msp

Become the multi-functional robot Tic in this artful action-adventure game. Hover into the cosmos, evade ground minions, and drill to the world’s core to uncover the mysteries of the acorns, the molepeople, and the precious oil glade.


Third Prize ($5,000)

Game: Sequence
Creator: Iridium Studios
Price: 240 msp

This fast-paced RPG/rhythm-game mashup features a voice-acted story, hand-drawn backgrounds, custom music, deep crafting and synthesis systems, and support for Xbox 360 controllers, dance pads and guitar controllers.


Congrats to all the winners! I have and love both Blocks that Matter and Sequence, and will put up reviews once I am all the way finished with them. I hope that all 4 developers can get an XBLA game out there!

NOTE: all info and pictures taken from the Dream.Build.Play site, but I added links to the games and developers.

DC Quake cause discovered!

I have found out what really caused the earthquake yesterday.


As some of you know, this week is very important to the Indie Game marketplace in the fact that it is the Indie Game Summer Uprising. Actually I am pretty sure Microsoft is quite unaware of it because they have not advertised it one bit. So I have come to the conclusion that the Earth wanted the 3rd game in the IGSU, Cute Things Dying Violently, released so bad that it literally shook with anticipation. The Earth only had about 7 hours to wait for release, which is like a second in Earth time, but it still wanted the game (the pre-IGSU pick by me to be the best game of the IGSU) released ASAP. Obviously the Earth was slightly unsuccessful, because none of us understand Earthese, but now the game is released and the Earth shouldn’t shake on the East Coast for awhile.

So there you have it, the cause of all the hublah yesterday. The Earth managed to contain itself a little to the point that no power went out, that way people would be able to play CTDV to their hearts content. Some people even get to play through today due to extreme over reaction. Good ole Earth helping us out.

In other news IndieGamerChick has put up a review already. Thats dedication my friends.

Here is what I have so far: My First Impressions

Cute Things Dying Violently is almost here!

WHOOO! Its almost here. ApathyWorks is about to release their IGSU title! has released their game Cute Things Dying Violently!!! Still at work and sad that you can’t get home to play this game this very very instant? First of all queue up the game HERE. Then watch the trailer over and over again. Stay tuned for my first impressions. This is my most anticipated IGSU title. Here is some info straight from the press release.

What is CTDV? Well, it’s a game about Critters. And the Critters need your help! You flick them around each level to get them safely to the elevator. Between the Critters and their salvation lie puzzles and a ton of murderous objects such as spikes, buzzsaws, fire, and a homicidal, bucket-headed robot. It’s up to you to save these Cute Things and prevent them from Dying Violently.
In addition to a singleplayer campaign of 60 mind-bending, reflex-testing levels, players can also earn certain Achieve Mints: sweet, leafy green awards that unlock up to 6 special challenge levels where you can hone your murderous abilities. Cute Things Dying Violently also features competitive local multiplayer, where two players face off to try and save their own Critters while simultaneously killing their opponents’ with a variety of amusing powerups. Players can also try out the built-in Level Editor and use it to create and play their own (inferior) singleplayer and multiplayer levels.

Simple enough

They all seem super happy

The dude on the bottom left is scared for no reason

My review will be up ASAP. It looks good. Look for CTDV to release sometime late tonight or early tommorrow morning.

Cursed Loot Released!!!

This is probably the worst time for a great indie game to release (in the middle of the Summer Uprising), but Cursed Loot, the expanded version of Epic Dungeon just released!!! Expect my Epic Dungeon review to change before the end of the night!!

Xbox Link

My Review

Blocks That Matter gets an update

For any of you who have the awesome puzzle game Blocks That Matter, the most recent update went live today. You can get the 10 bonus levels by collecting stars in the original game. Stars are earned by ending the level with the most amount of blocks possible in your possession. This is a very cool addition to Blocks That Matter and requires some thinkin’ to do. Pick up the game if you haven’t already.

Image from Blocks That Matter

I have an idea. New free content!!!