Important Sites

Here I will list all the other Indie Blogs I follow and read a lot. I like them, or else I wouldn’t post them.

Indie Gamer Chick

Gear Fish

Achievement Locked


Vintage Video Games TV

Since I feel that developers want people to visit their sites as well, I will post as many as I can find her. Usually this will developers of great games, not crappy ones. I will also list their notable games. Right now I only have these because they deserve a lot more recognition than they get. feel free to give me more sites by commenting!

Eyehook Games: ———- Twitter
Cursed Loot

Fun Infused Games: ————– Twitter — (Company) (Creator)
Hypership Out of Control!
Abduction Action!
Trivia or Die!

Coming Soon:

Zeboyd ———- Facebook ———- Twitter
Cthulhu Saves the World
Breath of Death VII

Swing Swing ——— Facebook
Blocks that Matter

Iridium ———-   Facebook

Barkers Crest Studios:
Avatar Golf
Avatar Legends

Benjamin Ficus and HeartBit
Doom and Destiny

Discord Games
Take Arms

Cute Things Dying Violently


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