Review Index

Here I will post my review index. The links on the game take you to my review,  from there you can find a link to so you can download from your computer. I know you all are lazy.

Avatar Golf  9.5/10
BloodyCheckers  11/10
Cursed Loot 10/10
Cute Things Dying Violently 8.5/10
DLC Quest 8.5/10 
PLATFORMANCE: Temple Death 8/10

First Impressions:

Battle High: San Bruno
Cute Things Dying Violently
Doom and Destiny

Lair of the Evildoer
OSR: Unhinged
Take Arms
Total Miner: The Forge

That Really Hot Chick vs. The Impossible Game (Intro) (First Impressions) (Final Verdict)
Total Miner: The Forge vs. FortressCraft (Intro) (First Impressions linked above) (Final Verdict: FortressCraft is more fun)


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